GHH Mining Machines extends platinum footprint

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Company adds new products to their comprehensive suite of underground mining equipment

Underground mechanised mining solutions provider GHH Mining Machines (GHH MM) has announced its technical partnership with American-based company Fletcher – market leaders in mechanised roof bolting and renowned coal industry suppliers – thus further enhancing their suite of underground mining equipment and solutions.

Together, GHH MM and Fletcher have begun designs on a new hard rock roof bolter, which will have the flexibility to bolt a wider range of mining heights and will offer a complete temporary roof support system (TRS). The new product is planned for release into the market later this year.

With over 100 machines already in the platinum field, GHH Mining Machines attributes its strong growth to a commitment to service and continuous development of their equipment to suit their customers’ requirements.

GHH MM, which officially commenced operations in South Africa in 2001 but can trace its African roots back over two decades, provides a full suite of equipment for hard-rock underground mining throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

“GHH MM has a strong tradition of innovation and R&D, which, combined with an understanding of local mining conditions and design collaboration with customers, has been central to our success,” says the new business development manager, Robin Pearce. “We have, for example, evolved four different LHD configurations to suit customers’ needs and help them run safer, more productive operations.”

An integrated backup infrastructure, which includes branches in Rustenburg and Lydenburg, adds further value to customers, allowing GHH MM to offer a variety of service agreements ranging from parts supply to comprehensive maintenance contracts.

The company has full workshop facilities in Boksburg where it carries out major and minor repairs and rebuilds of equipment and major components. “The build quality of GHH MM products lends themselves to multiple rebuilds and in some cases we have refurbished fleets for a third time,” says engineering manager Henri Steyn. “Since we do not compromise on quality, the first life expectancy of machines range from 15 000 to 45 000 hours, depending on maintenance schedules at the mines.  A rebuild usually costs about 50 to 60 percent of the price of a new machine and we would typically rebuild a machine to include the latest technology. If this is not possible we would advocate that the customer replace the unit.”

With international strategic technological partnerships, GHH Mining Machines offers a full suite of products and mining solutions in all areas of underground mining; from drilling, through charging, blasting, loading, hauling, feeding, scaling; and now – with Fletcher, innovative roof support and bolting equipment to add to their product offering of specialised utility and transport vehicles, as well as advanced ventilation technology.

In addition, GHH MM also offers one of the largest ranges of underground loaders on the market, with 17 low- and standard-profile models offering payloads of up to 20 tons.

“The most significant feature of our machines is their simplicity of design from an operating and maintenance point of view. GHH MM loaders have proven to be robust and reliable, and are characterized by high machine availability, strong safety features, fair pricing and low operating costs,” says Steyn.

Building on the successes achieved with its LHD and articulated dump truck range, the company has over the years added Mine Master face drills, utility vehicles from Normet and UV Botswana, and more recently, Fletcher roof bolters and a range of speciality products from GIA (Sweden) to its range. “We are now able to offer a full suite of equipment for all disciplines of the mining operation in sub-Saharan Africa,” says company CEO Ray Tink.

GHH MM also has a wide range of utility vehicles for the platinum industry, including fuel and lubrication service trucks, emulsion dispensing units and personnel carriers. In addition, the company is currently developing a conveyor belt feeding system which will go on trial later this year, and will also be introducing new low-profile LHDs, trucks, drills and bolters.

More about GHH Mining Machines

GHH Mining Machines (Pty) Ltd is a joint venture of Mine Machines and GHH Fahrzeuge and headquartered in Boksburg, South Africa. In conjunction with leading technology partners it provides a full suite of customised equipment for use in mining/tunnelling applications, and complements this with high levels of field service and technical support. Machines are locally assembled or customised to specific customer requirements.


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