GHH Fahrzeuge

GHH Fahrzeuge

Dump Trucks

  • Compact design
  • High manoeuvrability
  • Robust construction
  • Axle-/cab in suspension
  • Environmentally compatible air-cooled and water-cooled diesel engines with exhaust cleaning system


GHH dump trucks for the mining and tunnel industry have loading capacities from 15 to 50 tonnes.
Four-wheel drive and articulated steering are standard features of our products.
From a loading capacity of 30 tonnes up, vehicles come equipped with a bidirectional cabin which enables convenient long-distance operation in mines or tunnel construction, giving drivers full backward and forward manoeuvrability without having to turn the vehicle around in confined spaces.

The Dump Truck Range is available in 6 payload weights:
15 tonnes: MK-A15
20 tonnes: MK-A20
30 tonnes: MK-A30
35 tonnes: MK-A35
40 tonnes: MK-A40
50 tonnes: MK-A50


  • Compact design
  • Hydrodynamic drive
  • LCB brake system or combi-brake
  • Rubber cushioned operator’s cab
  • Clean burning Diesel engines
  • Additional exhaust cleaning devices / systems


LHDs designed for confined spaces and low headroom must be particularly compact in size.
GHH LHDs meet this expectation and with a sideways positioned driver’s cab, enables the operator to drive safely in forward and reverse directions
Differing models allow transportation of payloads from 3 to 20 tonnes and with good ground clearance, an oscillating rear-axle, permanent four wheel drive and centre articulation makes them ideal for use in underground mining, in tunnelling, and for special projects such as subway systems and caverns.

The special bucket linkage ensures high break-out force and excellent penetration which results in high productivity.
Our diesel engines are either air or water-cooled with catalytic convertors fitted and electrical engines are available too in order to cater for all requirements

The LHD’s are available in standard Low Profile and Super-Low Profile with a range of payload weights:
LF – 6
LF – 10
LF – 14